each line is a separate tshirt design for sale. pick a few you like.


my creations. enjoy. rob. out


make life easy.

go ahead. open a file on me.

you give me. thought crimes.

iím cute. on the cute meter.

help. i wonít bite.

when i signal. kidnap me. out of here.

one night. thatís all you get.

try me. you wonít. survive.

too dangerous. even for you.

youíre too similar. to my other girlfriend.

youíre too similar. to my other boyfriend.

the problem. you.

killer eyes. iíve got em.

advice. keep your. day job.

you. canít. afford. me.

i look like. a lost boy.

i look like. a lost girl.

itís your attitude. deal me out.

help. i am a charity project.

youíre terrible. stop thinking that.

grow a brain. then call me.

look at. me. when i. am talking.

donít point. Itís rude.

i said. no.

send me. the bill.

oh my. you are crazy.

you. smooth.

barmaid. drinks for everyone.

read me. my rights. First.

nice guys. Lose.

be my friend. i wonít disappoint.

july 4 1776. need. i say. more.

itís personal. baby.

i heard you. the first time.

I request. a dance.

i request. a kiss.

please. kiss me.

iím oval office. material.

Life. Liberty. Pursuit. of gold.

churchill. saved. the world.

hitler. evil. incarnate.

peace. only comes. with strength.

individual freedom. no to. collective. rights.

America. Is. Just.

no politics. not. tonight.

equality of. opportunity. not. equality of. result.

property rights. advanced the world. Forward.

i told you. donít. bother. me.

you can make life easy. you can make life hard.

be. positive. others. will. Follow.

negative thoughts. kill.

help. lost.

turn. the page. on you.

lost boy. help me.

lost girl. help me.

get me out. quick.

money. sex. please.

letís do it. my way.

a kiss please. pretty please. sugar on top.

Free to be. me.

i got the blues. give me some love.

my first million. stopped playing. Lottery.

please understand. I donít.

killer baby. alert.

thatís never. to you.

target. you.

youíre nuclear. to me.

keep the one you got. less hassle.

one shot. thatís all you got.

nothing lasts. especially you.

motivate me. i motivate you.

iíll take it. from here.

attitude. you bet.

need help. donít ask me.

thoughts are vapor. actions are real.

power. ask frank sinatra.

bite me. i bite back. harder.

i like passion. show me yours.

Freddie mercury. can sing.

paul is better than john.

john is better than paul.

so what. iím fat. youíre skinny.

on paper. worth millions. For you. nothing

oops. thatís on me.

tricks are for adults. not kids.

give me magic. disappear. baby.

give me magic. disappear. prick.

if he can do it. why canít i.

if she can do it. why canít i.

weíre not together. yet.

please. shut up.

i like opera. so what. sue me.

I sing. in the shower. only.

caught ya. in the act.

hollywood eyes. you got em.

bedroom eyes. on you. baby.

cute names. inc.

iím vegas. youíre hollywood. Letís marry. in vegas.

karaoke junkies. rule. the planet.

wendy power. rocks.


you. like?


any color you like. i like tropical blue. do you.


available soon. usd. thatís american bucks. baby. like. gold. rob. out.